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RA NECOM 5G USA SAT-SIM CLOUD WORLDWIDE INT’L, & PARTNERS (Operator ) Los Angeles- New York USA Between….( REGISTERED RA-NECOM HI-TECH-NUMERIC MEMBER-ENTREPRENEUR ) Preamble of Contract: RA-NECOM 5G USA & Member-Partners "Operator" based on CALLING Mobile & FASTEST INTERNET SMS Communications Provider's WORLD GLOBAL Licenses № S0014112 issued 01.2005-12-2010 01- 2018, Upgraded & provides Hi-Tech-Smart Products & Services of Mobile & SUPER FAST Internet for their Partners/ Agents/ Members/ Shareholders/Subscribers/Customers/Member-Entrepreneurs/RA-Member-Employees/ Students / Mothers/Fathers/Farmers with knowledge of Hi-Technology or ready to improve their Hi-Tech-Life by making incomes. RA-NECOM 5G USA & Member-Partners "Operator" have developed means of any GSM Networks in at least 200 Countries WORLDWIDE with RA-NECOM 5G USA’s actual presence through their Hi-Tech Telecoms Services & Products as Authorized by their Global Licenses, in frames of active partnership agreements of the Operator. "Partner/Agent/Member" exchanges, sells SAT-SIM CLOUD Cards with an attained "Airtime" to its Worldwide Communities-/Members either in straight forward manner or via partner’s Agents. "Agents" are entrepreneurs on Promotion, Marketing or Distribution of „RA-NECOM 5G USA SAT-SIM CLOUD. Products & Services & Airtime WORLDWIDE ", having Membership relationship with the Partner. "Customer/Member" is an end user of our Mobile & Internet/SMS Services & Products, Legal entity or individual, who has purchased or registered with”. RA-NECOM 5G USA WORLDWIDE/INTERNATIOBALLY.", from Partner or Agents. "Airtime" is monetary equivalent of a balance for forwarding outbound calls, sending SMS messages and using GPRS & FAST INTERNET 4G-5G Connectivity. The services of cellular communications, provided by “Operator” RA-NECOM 5G USA, are not the subject of current Contract. Herein the both Parties are agreed upon: The ".RA-NECOM 5G USA" SATSIM CLOUD is the subject of current Contract and is being offered for International, National & Continental Exchanges in Education, Healthcare, Socio-Numeric-Economic-Industrialized Development through RA-AGOA-USA, RAENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION/SOLAR-RA-ELITE, & RA-HEALTHCARE-USA, FOR HUMANITARIAN PURPOSES FOR ALL COMMUNITIES’ BETTER LIFE IMPROVEMENT… 1. Services The subject of the Contract is the services, provided by the Operator RA-NECOM 5G, as the expedient to use ANY GSM Cellular Communications by usage of "RA-NECOM 5G SAT-SIM CLOUD ". The specific features of SAT-SIM COUD Card ".RA-NECOM 5G USA. WORDWIDE" for 01.2018 are as follows: Free of charge inbound calls in 200 countries Free of charge SMS message from "..RA-NECOM5G USA." website www.ra-necom.com Mobile clients can only see "..RA-NECOM 5G USA...” as an operator in display. Single SMS message from ".RA-NECOM 5G USA.", to any US, AU, ASIA, LA, AUSTRALIA; European Union number is (I) charged by approximately $0, 0005 -$0. 0018USD per one SMS. Single SMS message from " SMS menu" to any mobile number worldwide is charged by $0,0005-0.0018 USD per one SMS High Speed Internet in 200 Countries from 0.0009USD/MB A very lowest rate from 0.0005 $/min from 150 countries as awing calling ZERO $ DOLLAR to RA-NECOM OWN EXCHANGE- TELECOMS PLATFORM, SKYPE Beneficial tariffs for outbound phone calls in variety of countries and much more RA-NECOM 5G SAT- SIM is supplied with a standard digit number you should claim for yourself & your subscribers just for $2/Year, with an ability to connect anywhere anytime including EU, AU, INDIA, ASIA,US, LA, CA, UK +44 number with a CLI for calls and SMS. The services, mentioned above, are being provided to a Customer in accordance with a Contract, signed with Operator, defining certain amount of pre-paid airtime minutes. These services are being provided to Member r Customer by nominal price in USD/converted into their Local Currency, and allowing Customer to forward outbound calls, to receive inbound calls, as well as to use SMS Communications and GPRS services in different countries of Customer’s location or far from their location/overseas, in accordance with local rates and prices. Nominal prices of mentioned services in USD are defined in Attachment to the Contract, as integral part of the Contract. 1.1Member/ Customer RA-NECOM 5G USA Mobile & Fastest INTERNET SAT- SIM does not require specific activation, inbound calls in "free of charge" countries are available immediately, inbound calls in other countries and outbound calls are possible as long as the airtime is available. 1.2 Corporate Member/Customer orders certain amount of SIM cards from Partner, if Member/Customer desires, cards could be embedded into Personal Accounts. Corporate Member/Customer orders the Airtime from Partner, redeeming this Airtime into their SAT-SIM Cloud Cards in Personal Cells. 1.3 Use of services is eligible in frames of a "Contract of prepaid services" between Operator and Member/Customer. The process of bidding and signing a Contract of prepaid services is the matter of bilateral straight relationship between Operator and Member/ Customer. Operator upholds the rights to decline some Member/Customers, if doubts of forfeiting or records of abuse exist. Partner is not involved in Contract of Prepaid Services by any means…Just Supplying Communities Better Life’s Opportunities, Helpful Innovations Less Expensive & More AFFORDABLE EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS & SERVICES TO BETTER ALL LIVES WORLDWIDE COMMUNITIES WITH NO DISCRIMINATIN OR FAVORITISM, therefore generating Good Numeric INTERNATIONAL Online Jobs through our RA-NECOM 5G USA VPN to sustain Social-Economic Numeric-Industrial Development WORLDWIDE through Hi-Tech-Free Professional Training, Healthcare, Agriculture, Sport &Cultures…Specifically in underdeveloped Communities & Countries 1.4 Herein, Operator and Partner are agreed upon, that Partner has to exchange/ sell Operator’s Services & Products to its own Customers; Services are defined in Clause 1. and Attachment 1 of current Contract. Operator upholds the right to amend the Attachment 1 at any time. 1.5 Partner agrees to become a fully WORLDWIDE Independent Entrepreneurial entity from Legal, Social and Business perspectives trained through REGULAR SEMINARS of RA-NECOM 5G USA fr CNSTANT UPDATES & IMPRVEMENTS. Partner executes production process using Partner’s defined organizational and administrational structure Partner’s and Agent’s actions are fully in their competence, including actions related to possible risks and assessments. 1.6 Partner and Registered Agents are authorized to distribute the products & services in accordance with Clause 1 of the current Contract, on behalf of themselves and in accordance with their considerations. 1. 7 Partner is solely responsible for billing its customers and collecting from its customers for mobile & internet/SMS Services provided via Operator’s Supervision, and for all applicable taxes associated therewith. 1. 8 Partner will pay its own operating expenses including equipment SAT-SIM CLOUD, AIRTIME, and other expenses, including applicable taxes and fees. 1.9 Partner will be responsible for the payment of all sums owed to Operator pursuant to this Agreement regardless of whether Partner has been paid for such charges by its customers. Partner acknowledges that Operator will not be liable for any loss or damages suffered by Partner or any of its member’s r customers in connection with this service. Partner will collect Commissions of up to 25% according to the described amount in this contract. 2. Marketing  2.1 Operator supports the Partner in frames of Contract. Operator supplies the Partner with all electronic information and written materials t be multiplied by Partner, what deem to be necessary for marketing of products and services, such as Press/Media/TV/Internet/Face book Advertisements related information to be developed by Partner; and content files for booklets, as well as instruction manuals for use of "..RA-NECOM 5G USA.." SATSIM CLOUD Cards, 4G-5G-Smart Equipment and others. One SIM Card which works in over 200 countries with No monthly fees, no minimum usage, no contract, Multi-Sized SIM 3 in 1 SIM - Fits any device, TAKE IT ANYWHERE- NEVER EXPIRE- Keep your RA-NECOM 5G SAT-SIM CLOUD FOR LIFE! Only pay for calls as and when you make them 2.2 Operator claims full responsibility to upkeep mobile “Hot-line" Customer Support service. 2.3 provides to Partner in whole or parts of web-portals such as http://www.wwwra-necom.com free of charge 2.4 Operator provides API interface to Partner, for on-line payments, banking transactions etc… 3. Delivery NB: DELIVERY OF GOODS SIM CARDS OR CODE/VOUCHERS OF RECHARGE ARE BEING EXECUTED EXCLUSIVELY UPON ADVANCE REMITTED PAYMENT ARE FORWARDED ONTO BANK ACCOUNTS OR RANECOM PAYPAL & HEADQUARTERS OFFICES IN YOUR LOCATION WITH SCANNED PAYMENT RECEIPTS… 4- RA-NECOM 5G USA SAT- SIM Card: 4.1 SAT-SIM CLOUD Card is the property of RA-NECOM 5G USA, The Operator, even upon handling or issuing it to Partner or Customer. 5-Intellectual property: 5.1 Operator hands over temporary, not exclusive, not otherwise transferable copyright license, trademarks and other branding features to Partner, for a purpose of advertising and actions, related to marketing of the services. 5.2 All features of branding, trademarks and copyright licenses, mentioned in Article 7.1. Will expire immediately upon current Contract’s expiration, without execution of additional legal procedures. Partner forfeits the right to use Operator’s trademarks, licenses or any other branding features. 6. Force majors: 6.1. In case of unpredicted, Force Majors situation arise as like war, riots, fire, flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, lightning, explosion, strikes, lockouts, slowdowns, prolonged shortage of energy supplies, and acts of state or governmental action prohibiting, unavoidable casualty, delays in delivery of materials, embargoes, government orders, acts of civil or military authorities, or impeding any party from performing its respective obligations under the contract. Party affected has to inform counterpart about such a situation, as well as about consequences that appeared. Otherwise, Contract will be suspended. An affected Party has to execute all actions deemed to be necessary, to eliminate Force Major Situations, as well as to relinquish consequences. This is not applied to common obligations of Parties to be executed prior Force Major Situation has arisen, nor "would be" executed obligations, during which such a situation is in progress.  7. Protection of Personal data:7.1 Both Parties takes over full responsibility to protect personal data in accordance with legislative acts on personal data security. 7.2 Partner performs the best endeavor to prevent any third party claims addressed to Operator, relayed to Partner’s breaches or neglecting of Regulations, Legal acts, Guidelines or any other requirements. Please ASK for Our SECURED LIFETIME VPN SERVICES JUST FOR $150.00 INVOICE SAMPLE OF RA-NECOM 5G USA SAT- SIM FREE PROFESSIONALTRAINING TO BE USED BY ALL PARTIES Invoice no. YEAR/MONTH/DAY-000001 AGENT/PARTNER /MEMBER NAME Date: 1) No Description 500 RA-NECOM 5G USA CARDS Count Price=$22, Dollar Net, USD= $11,000.00 2) RA-N ECOM 5G-USA Card 500 SIMs - $22-$28 USD (MEMBERS&N-MEMBER) Each 500 X$22= 11,000 USD 3) RA-N ECOM 5G-USA Airtime - $2 00 FREE PER EACH SAT-SIM COMES WITH 1ST TESTING FREE AIRTIME 3 Express Mail Delivery EMS $4.00 +/KG to 1 PACK X $100.00 FOR (USA-EUR) $150-$250.00 FOR AFRICA- LATIN AMERICA-CARIBBEANS-AUSTRILI A ASIA EUROPE & OTHERS…WORLDWIDE Net USD: $15,100 FOR 500 CARDS VAT USD 0.00 Total USD $15,100 Reverse charge 0% Payment Terms 0 days RA-NECOM TEAM PAYMENT INFO: PAYPALME/RANECOM c/o PAYPAL- Bank INTERNTIONNL USA INFO.TO BE PROVIDED This invoice is prepared in the electronically Form and is ONLY valid when SIGNED. RA-N ECOM 5G-USA / NAME---------------------- TITLE----------ID No-------- ------RA-Phone: (No+ TO BE ISSUED) RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICES& COMMISSIONS FOR REGISTERED RA M-ENTREPRENEURS MEMBERS=RA-NECOM 5G-USA TRIPPLE SAT-SIM CLOUD MOBILE+ INTERNET = $22.00 NET-15% COMMISSION. N--MEMBER=RA-NECOM 5G-USA TRIPPLE SAT-SIM CLOUD MOBILE+INTERNET=$28.00 NET-15% COMMISSION RECHARGE # VOUCHERS &TRANSFERS: $1-$2- $4- $5- $10 - $15- $20 - $25 -$50 -$75 -$100 -$150-$200-$500 AIRTIME PREPAID MONTHLY BORDER FROM USD $20-200 COMMISSIONS UP TO 15% AIRTIME PREPAID MONTHLY BORDER FROM USD 300-1000 COMMISSIONS UP TO 17% AIRTIME PREPAID MONTHLY BORDER FROM USD 1500-3000 COMMISSIONS UP TO 18% AIRTIME PREPAID MONTHLY BORDER FROM USD 3500-5000 COMMISSIONS UP TO 19% AIRTIME PREPAID MONTHLY BORDER FROM USD 6000-10000 COMMISSIONS UP TO 20% AIRTIME PREPAID MONTHLY BORDER FROM USD 11000-15000 COMMISSIONS UP TO 21% AIRTIME PREPAID MONTHLY BORDER FROM USD 16000-20000 COMMISSIONS UP TO 22% AIRTIME PREPAID MONTHLY BORDER FROM USD 25000-35000 COMMISSIONS UP TO 23% AIRTIME PREPAID MONTHLY BORDER FROM USD 40000-55000 COMMISSIONS UP TO 24% AIRTIME PREPAID MONTHLY BORDER FROM USD 60000+200000 COMMISSIONS UP TO 25% MINIMUM DAILY ORDER FOR SAT-SIM 20 TO 500 +CARDS FROM ANYWHERE @ JUST $22-$28/CARD MINIMUM DAILY ORDER FOR SAT-SIM CLOUD AITRIME $1000 TO $200,000 USD CONVENIENT & RELIABLE 8. Notifications: 8.1 All notifications and any information related to current Contract, is to be sent in written form by Email, Post, via a registered Letter with postage delivery report onto Addressees: To Operator: To Partner: IF YOU NEED FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO CONTACT US THROUGH OUR EMAIL ADDRESSES INFO@RA-NECOM.COM or NECOM.HITECH@YAHOO.COM TO KEEP up WITH GOOD MANAGERIAL ADMINISTRATION. THIS CONTRACT MUST BE VALIDATED BY FREE PROFESSIONAL TRAINING SEMINARS STARTING JANUARY 24 TH at 4PM EASTERN TIME.ONCE A WEEK UNTIL LAUNCHING PERIOD... PLS. CHECK OUT WITH YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATION HQs OFFICES Contract MUST be Stamped and Signed in Two Copies with ALL REQUIRED FEES- Thanks! RA NECOM 5G USA WORLDWIDE ( PARTNER/MEMBER-ENTREPRENEUR ID COPY & NEW REGISTRATION PROOFS) WWW. RA-NECOM.COM O